PROREC – Excellence
in Research Engineering

PROREC GmbH is an inde­pen­dent, privately held company offering to our clients world­wide a range of process engineering solutions for processes and equipment in laboratory and pilot scale.

Our services cover the whole lifecycle of the research asset, starting from concept & detailed design and construc­tion through to commissioning and operation.

We deliver added value by applying our extensive Know-How, independent pers­pective, years of experience and profes­sional approach to develop solutions for complex challenges in the design and supply of R&D equipment.

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The PROREC team

Tino Lehmann, Andrè Unger and Robert Cowan have many years of knowledge, expertise and experience in not only successfully delivering Research & Development equipment projects, but also in Process Safety and R&D Operations and Support. Starting as researchers in Reaction Engineering and Heterogeneous Catalysis all have extensive industrial experience working for R&D equipment suppliers, OEM manufacturers and large operating companies.

Dr. André Unger

Head of Project Management

Dr. André Unger’s core focus is on technical project delivery, project management, troubleshooting and communications management.

Tino Lehmann

Business Development

Tino Lehmann’s focus is in technical sales, financial and legal matters and providing technical project support.

Dr. Robert Cowan

Head of Engineering

Dr. Robert Cowan’s focus is on Process Engineering and Design and Operation of Pilot plants and Process Safety and Risk Assessments.