Industries served

PROREC offers a tailored range of services related to R&D and quality control applications in the process and automotive industries. Industries served include the petro­chemical, bulk chemistry, polymers and fine/specialty chemicals sectors, the energy sector and the pharma­ceutical industry. In addition, the auto­motive and emis­sions after­treatment industries and original R&D equip­ment manufac­turers are an important part of our targeted markets.

Our engineers have been adding value for customers in the above sectors for 12+ years. This long experience has given us an excellent insight into the specific requirements & business environ­ment of our target industries.

»Our services cover the complete R&D equipment lifecycle«

Based on our detailed Know-How we offer a wide range of services and solutions in the manu­facture and operation of research equip­ment and rigs. PROREC’s services comprise the following key areas: Equipment & Research Rig Manufacture, Process Engi­neering, Project Mana­gement, Debottle­necking & Trouble­shooting, Process Safety & Risk Management and Technical Consultancy & Support.

Our engineers develop complex lab and pilot scale rigs as well as miniplants to exactly match your research requirements. Starting from a basic concept we can carry out basic and detailed enginee­ring: from Process Flow Diagrams through to P&ID drawings and a fully speci­fied Bill of Materials.

Detailed calculations and design of all impor­tant process steps such as reactors and heat exchangers is carried out using quan­ti­tative engineering cal­cula­tions and our long experience at this scale. We also define the process control strategy and select the optimal mea­surement tech­niques and instrument types.

Process and Equipment safety and design of protec­tive systems and relief streams are firmly in our focus and inte­grated into the plant design from the very beginning onwards. Make use of our expe­rience and depth of know­ledge in the deve­lopment of R&D mini­plants and rigs either as a stand-alone engi­nee­ring service (deli­very of a design package) or as an integral part of an equip­ment/plant manu­fac­turing project together with our manu­fac­turing coo­pera­tion partners.

PROREC can lead project management activities for design, purchase and com­mis­sio­ning of lab scale and pilot units on our clients’ behalf. Our project managers, who are expe­rienced in the spe­cific demands of deve­loping and manu­fac­turing R&D scale units, lead the project in a com­pre­hensive and struc­tured manner. Projects are split into clearly defined steps, phases and mile­stones. Project con­trol­ling is based on regular checks and fore­casting of costs, time, tech­nical perfor­mance and qua­lity. A con­tinuous risk analysis during the process leads to the early iden­tifi­cation and miti­gation of project risks. Changes and devia­tions to the plan can thus be accounted for and inte­grated into the project. Open and trans­parent communi­cation between all internal and external stake­holder is our highest priority.

Our customers profit from our fast response time and high level of flexi­bi­lity during the project. Starting from a defined project scope, our highest prio­rity is deli­vering the project on time, in full, and within budget.

We are also happy to advise on budget and concept during the initial specification stages of your project. Specification of the required scope & performance and a reliable estimate of the capital budget required are important steps in order to ensure the project’s success from the beginning onwards.

Whether adding new func­tio­nality to existing equip­ment or impro­ving equi­pment throughput, PROREC can support you in the modifi­cation or revamp of your R&D units and mini­plants. Based on a detailed analysis of the current unit we develop, together with our cus­tomers, clear targets and speci­fi­cations. Building on this we develop the required solutions taking into account technical and financial requi­rements.

In addition to improving existing assets with regards to pro­ducti­vity, quality and safety we can solve acute current problems (Trouble­shooting).

The project build phase of our revamp and debottle­necking projects is carried out together with our coope­ration partners in equipment manu­fac­turing and process automation.

Process Safety is a key factor in the process and high hazard indus­tries. Based on a com­pre­­hen­sive and inde­pendent view we offer safety assess­ments and develop a basis of safety for your R&D and pilot units. We can provide semi-quantitative risk assess­ments & Hazard Studies, making sure that residual risk is accep­tably managed.

Our Process Safety services can be applied to new units, review exis­ting units and modifi­cations/revamps of existing equipment. We advise on the choice, concept & detailed design of safety systems, including func­tional safety systems (SIL classi­fi­cation) and relief stream design. We can also support our clients with our exper­tise in the develop­ment & review of explosion safety assess­ments and area classi­fi­cations.

Alongside complete engineering packages and equipment manu­fac­turing projects we support our customers on specific issues and during initial project phases. This includes advice on spe­ci­fic process engi­nee­ring issues, e.g. deve­lopment of highly dynamic heating of a test reactor.

In such cases we develop and offer design and speci­fi­cation of the rele­vant components. As an inde­pen­dent company we provide unbiased and inde­pen­dent recommen­dations.

In addition, we can support you in the develop­ment of func­tio­nal speci­fi­cations and prepa­ration of tender and request for quote documen­tation. We can carry out screening and selection of suppliers as required. We also carry out compre­hensive fea­si­bility studies in order to deliver our customers a reliable decision making aid before executing R&D equip­ment build projects.

Together with our coo­pe­ration partners in mechanical design & manu­fac­turing as well as process auto­mation, PROREC delivers cus­to­mised R&D equipment. In addition to stand-alone design packages (engi­nee­ring service only) we can realise lab and pilot scale units which meet your demands and expec­tations.

The combined exper­tise and expe­rience in all the necessary engi­nee­ring disci­plines gua­ran­tees that the optimum unit to meet your R&D appli­cation is developed and delivered. PROREC takes care of an effec­tive communi­cation system ensuring smooth working between all parties and disci­plines. One partner (general contractor) assumes overall contrac­tual respon­si­bility with our customers in order to mini­mise additional effort and allow for clear and simple contrac­tual arrangements.

Our Cooperation Partners

In equipment & plant build projects we work with a select range of partners in mechanical enginee­ring, manufacturing and process automation. PROREC can call on a network of excel­lent companies who provide the necessary expertise, specialist knowledge and experience in their specific engineering disciplines.

PROREC brings together the suitable partners to fit the project and customer, in order to deliver an optimum result for our clients in terms of quality, price and delivery time.

JA-Gastechnology GmbH

PROREC works exclusively with JA-Gastechnology GmbH (JAG) to manufacture innovative test rigs for exhaust gas after­treatment for our customers in the automotive industries. JAG is a leading manu­fac­turer and supplier of gas supply and cali­bration gas systems including automated gas mana­gement. Together we develop, manu­facture and deliver turn-key test rigs, including utilities, for developing automotive exhaust gas after­treatment catalysts.

Premex Solutions GmbH

In autoclave and stirred tank reactor applications PROREC works closely with the Swiss company Premex Reactor Solutions GmbH. Premex has been manu­fac­turing high quality customer specific high pressure autoclaves and complete system solutions for the chemical, petro­chemical and pharma­ceutical industries for over 35 years.
In addition to autoclave technology PROREC and Premex cooperate in the manufacture of R&D lab scale units.