Our target sectors and key markets

The services PROREC offers are targeted towards customers who build or operate R&D test units. In both cases our customers profit from our methodical Know-How and pragmatic approach.

PROREC’s services are primarily tailored to the following markets:

R&D Units & Miniplant Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

We support our OEM customers in acquiring new customers and opening up new market seg­ments in R&D test units.

With our years of experience in R&D unit builds we provide engi­nee­ring services and support throughout the whole equip­ment lifecycle. Starting from inde­pen­dent process engi­neering consul­tancy through the design stage, manu­fac­turing and commis­sioning phases we provide advice and support. We offer profes­sional assistance in technical sales, project manage­ment, direct customer commu­ni­cation and unit/project handover. In addition, we offer an expert inde­pendent pers­pective in process safety and advice & help in measu­rement and control appli­cations (including robotics).

Automotive & Exhaust Aftertreatment Industries

PROREC GmbH develops customised automotive exhaust catalyst testing systems for R&D and quality control (QC) appli­ca­tions. Together with our coope­ration partner JAG we offer modular, highly integrated systems which repre­sent turn­key solutions to our customers’ requirements.

The test units are used to measure catalyst performance – activity, storage capacity and aging behaviour – by dosing a synthetic model exhaust gas mixture over a cored filter or monolith sample.

Dynamic and stationary test can be carried out. Highly deman­ding & transient heating and cooling rates can be achieved in our specially developed oven/reactor systems.

Process Industries – Catalyst, Process and Material Development

PROREC’s engineers possess many years of project expe­rience in the traditional process industries – chemicals, pharma, petro­chemistry, down­stream oil and polymers – and have intimate know­ledge of the require­ments of these sectors.

Starting from smallest scale test units through to lab scale up to complete mini­plants in pilot scale we can deliver complex test unit builds for almost all applica­tions. Our know-how includes catalytic and non-catalytic proces­ses, single and multi­phase processes in the full range of chemical reactor sys­tems. Reactor sys­tems include all standard types (stirred tank, fixed bed, fluidised bed etc.) and specially develo­ped reactor designs, e. g. internal recycle reactors, exter­nal loop reactors and Temkin reactors for testing of eggshell catalysts. We are your partners in tackling deman­ding R&D challenges.